The leading global agency for next generation learning solutions

We are.

Brightwave Group is the leading agency for next generation learning solutions, products and services. We utilise our expertise, innovation and creativity to design award-winning learning solutions that deliver your business objectives and truly engage your employees.

We deliver

Custom solutions

Custom solutions

Immersive learning



Media rich resources

Media-rich resources

2D and 3D animations

Motion films

Interactive videos

Games and gamification

VR and AR simulations

Next generation products

Next generation products

Social and collaborative platforms

Virtual classrooms

Diagnostic and competency tools

Campaign and consultancy services

Campaign and consultancy services

Blended learning campaigns

Community management

Engagement and comms services

Custom solutions

Custom solutions

Organisational transformation: proven to successfully support major change initiatives

Pre- and onboarding: induction that will improve attrition rates and deliver significant cost savings

Compliance: winning both hearts and minds in information security, H&S, diversity and sector specific legislation

System simulations: replicating critical real-world contexts in a fail-safe environment

About us - Next gen products

Next generation products

As champions of new technology we create pioneering, market-leading and award-winning products.

tessello: our innovative total learning system. This flagship product empowers organisations enabling them to transform learning and development into something extraordinary

LiveTime: our dedicated, online learning service providing virtual classroom sessions across a range of management, communication and soft skill topics

About us - expert services

Expert services

We also help organisations effectively apply the solutions, products and innovative technologies we offer.

Blended learning campaigns: to reach your team via a range of online and offline channels

Learning analytics and evaluation: to measure training impact and assess ROI

Community management and engagement services: we can help you plan, implement, launch and manage your blended learning strategy to ensure maximum take up and impact