Learning portals

Tailored portals and e-Learning management system software help to make the most of your learning within your existing business systems.

Your portal and courseware is built around your business needs and designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing technical infrastructure. The learning portal helps to guide your learners through it, taking into account your roles, goals, and unique learning requirements.

A carefully considered learning portal serves as an entrance to all the learning resources in your organisation, and provides a space where new skills and knowledge can be developed adding real value to your learner's journey.

Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System (LMS) stores and tracks all your courses. We can design learning to fit all LMSs to get the most out of them. Recently, new technology has emerged which is changing the architecture of learning. The emphasis on flow rather than instruction has prompted the emergence of learning and program experience platforms, micro learning platforms and learning record stores. All these place the learner in the centre of learning more rigorously than ever before. We also have our own collaborative learning platform tessello which can store online courses and learning pathways.

Mobile learning resources


Cloud LMS' functions as an Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) which means that the LMS software is not held on your company's servers but in the Cloud instead. Hosting your LMS like this makes it easier to maintain your learning – changes can be implemented faster and technical issues can be reported and solved by a dedicated team.

You should consider investing in a Cloud-based LMS solution if your learners need to access their learning from different locations because through the Cloud your learning is always available. SaaS is a convenient  and cost-effective choice which minimises technological risk and lets you concentrate on what matters – the learning itself.

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Social learning networks

Your learners know a lot already and not sharing their insights would be a waste. Social learning networks offer a stream of relevant content which is curated by your own experienced people. Sharing the valuable information that your learners have already acquired benefits everybody – it incites discussion, encourages active engagement and teamwork. Not to mention that the content will be constantly refreshed by people who know best.

Our award-winning collaborative learning platform tessello includes a powerful social networking feature which offers all the benefits of social learning and brings all your learners together under one roof.

Social learning resources

Strategic learning management

A well-chosen LMS can deliver your learning strategy to drive business real impact. Your learners discover the content they need at the right time and in the right format. The different learning journeys have been mapped and the information tailored to your learners' needs.

Strategic learning management helps to pre-empt problems and gradually train your staff towards your long-term objectives. You can choose when and how your learners engage with the learning and how they move through the courses. Having the strategic upper hand can prove to be essential as you get a comprehensive overview of the skills and capabilities of your learners.

Social learning resources