Blended learning

We're experts in designing digital e-Learning solutions, courses and resources, but we know that to get the best results from training it's all about the blend.

Your learners are busy, resourceful individuals with valuable ideas who need learning solutions that recognise this. Our blended learning solutions combine the full range of learning tools, from e-Learning to virtual classrooms and everything in between.

We identify your learners' needs and create their learning journey from beginning to end, making sure your input will have the impact you need to instil lasting behaviour change.

When it comes to learning, we know how to pick the right tools for the job. We'll work with you side-by-side to build a comprehensive end-to-end solution that fits your individual needs.


Your learners are used to being able to access information at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere. We want to help you bring this into the workplace learning mix by introducing accessible digital e-Learning solutions to supplement and enhance the learner's experience.

Our team has over fifteen years' experience in meeting our clients' challenges and improving business outcomes, crafting innovative, tailor-made digital solutions across a huge range of projects and applications. We use this expertise to deliver effective, engaging and exceptional e-Learning courseware that puts vital content and information directly into your learners' hands.

Whenever and wherever they need it, whether they're looking to learn something new or refresh knowledge gained in a face-to-face session, we make sure that your learning blend works to cover all your bases, all your ambitions, and all your successes.



In today's info-rich working environment it sometimes seems like everyone's already an expert – or can become one in five minutes flat. But we believe there are essential skills that can't be taught sitting behind a screen.

e-Learning solutions may be attractive, interactive, cost effective and able to drive improvements in ever more complex capabilities. But as today's learning tech makes it less common, traditional face-to-face training's potential for learner impact has increased, especially for 'soft' skills where personal interaction is key.

Face-to-face training, whether classroom or virtual, is the heart of the blend, and we're experts at integrating your instructor-led sessions with complementary online support materials and courseware. We get to know your project and identify the areas best kept as face-to-face sessions, workshops or discussions, and find the best blend for your learners.

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To maximise the effectiveness of your training there is no more important factor than employee engagement. Even the most impressive and innovative bespoke digital learning pathway is useless if no one is using it. Telling people the things you feel they need to know is easy, the trick is in embedding knowledge deep down to trigger lasting behaviour change.

That's where we come in:

By crafting the entire blended learning journey we'll engage and inspire your learners to be inquisitive and take control of their own learning. We'll make sure your content reaches all the people it needs to, and not only that, but they'll want to learn it, and seek out that knowledge for themselves.


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In the constantly altering landscape of work, organisations and individuals alike know they need to keep pace or get left behind. We will help you offer the best opportunities for your learners and show them what you can do together.

For great learning results that really move the bottom line, e-Learning has moved away from one-size-fits-all solutions. Today's learners are accustomed to getting their information from more varied and intelligent sources that won't bombard them with irrelevant information or things they already know.

Our design teams create solutions tailored to the needs of individual learners or groups, adapted for their diverse needs, underpinned with smart algorithms and adaptive learning tech that aligns the wishes of the learner with the needs of the organisation.

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