Learning consultancy and campaigns

You can't achieve lasting behaviour change through a single, one-off training event. Real learning is a marathon, not a sprint. We are experts in learning needs analysis and can help you structure your entire learning process from start to finish. We'll make sure the change you want to see emerge and improve the way you work.

Whether offering expert advice to your in-house L&D team or rebuilding the learning structure within your organisation from the bottom up, our learning consultants bring years of experience to help you plan, launch and manage your end-to-end learning campaign.

We know real behaviour change takes time and repetition to establish those essential new habits. We will design you a long-term, multi-channel learning campaign your learners can't ignore. 

Campaign-based learning

We know one of the biggest challenges L&D teams face is how to engage learners' attention, and get them actively listening to what you have to say. We take inspiration from the worlds of marketing and communications to create campaign-based learning: immersive, story-led solutions delivered over a defined timescale through a variety of different media.

Our brains only retain a small portion of the information we feed them. The only way around this fact is to repeat and refresh learning, little and often, and engage with it in different formats and media.

By re-branding the content into a consistent narrative with multiple-touch points reinforcing a single message we help to embed crucial knowledge in the minds of your learners, leading to lasting change. 

Campaign-based learning resources

Learning needs analysis

It's easy enough to identify what's working, but when it comes to why it's not working – proving a negagtive to make meaningful change in your organisation – it's not always so clear cut.

Our highly skilled learning consultants will get to know your organisation from the inside out and help you produce a thorough analysis of your learning needs at every level. We have years of expertise in managing learning needs for organisations of all sizes and in all sectors.

We know what works and what doesn't, and we're uniquely placed to take a critical overview of your learning processes. We'll make valuable recommendations, identifying key targets for change in the future.


Learning needs analysis resources

Behaviour change

When it comes to your organisation, you're the expert. You know what your organisation needs to know and only you can see the gaps. In fact, that's probably what brought you here in the first place. Learning is about everyday behaviour change: your organisation is working one way; but in order to grow it needs to pivot and adopt new knowledge, new habits and new working practices.

There's more to lasting behaviour change than just handing information to the learner. The organisation needs to empower them to learn and work in a new way, with structures in place to support and encourage new behaviours.

Our teams know how to get to the most out of you and your learners. We identify where change needs to happen and define a brand new, original and appealing route that will lead your learners to a point of not just competency, but fluency and enthusiasm for their new skills. These changes in attitude and behaviour are the key to organisational growth, and we can help you do it.

Behaviour change resources

End-to-end learning management

If you are starting from scratch, or if you feel your overall strategy needs more of a complete overhaul, we can get inside your organisation for a longer period of time to help implement and manage your learning from start-to-finish.

Our experts will provide support and advice, sharing our extensive knowledge and experience with your L&D team.

We can even lead the process, taking control of learning throughout your organisation, and implementing and delivering solutions to effect lasting change.