We are experienced, dedicated and passionate - and e-Learning is our heart and soul.

We understand you, your learning and training challenges, and how to overcome them with e-Learning. Years of experience mean we know how to change behaviour and improve outcomes for you and your employees with inspirational e-Learning solutions.

Whether it is a rapid, off-the-shelf mobile course or a fully-customised training simulation, we have a digital solution for all your learning and development needs.
And this is how we do it: 

Bespoke e-Learning

Our bespoke e-Learning solutions are all about you, and with today's next generation e-Learning solutions, the sky really is the limit. We consult closely before the start of every project to really get to know your company, your culture and your learners to make sure our learning speaks your language

Our team drills down to the core of what you want your learners to do differently. These goals become the foundation for your learning solution. We are experts in the latest learning theories and methods – storytelling, gamification and simulations are just a few of our areas of expertise. We keep pushing at the limits of what e-Learning can do to help you shape and design the skills and knowledge you need to ensure ongoing business success.

Agile e-Learning

Not all learning fits the same mould, and nor does the way we work: your team might only be available for a limited period. The deadline might be tight. What if you need several e-Learning courses delivered at the same time?

In these situations, we are not constrained by process. You – our clients – dictate the way we work. We have developed a unique process of agile e-Learning production, working in short collaborative sprints for getting the best results in a limited amount of time. We take the time to understand your project and your goals, and work closely together to meet your needs in time and on budget.

Agile e-Learning resources

Mobile learning

The smart device in your pocket is filled with learning opportunities – and we want you to seize every one of them. Mobile learning is not only about scaling down screen-sizes and adjusting for different software: it needs to be designed with the smartphone, tablet or wearable – and the learner – in mind, to optimise this astounding everyday technology's full learning potential.

We're experts in mobile learning design that gets big results, incorporating your learners' mobile habits, preferences, and the unique interactions of mobile tech. Mobile learning resources bring you closer to your learners, a great fit for dynamic workforces: on the move, thinking fast, and learning on their own.

Mobile learning resources

Authoring tools

Our own authoring tool waveform gives both you and us an incredible array of creative opportunities. We have built this tool based on our experience so it is flexible, user-friendly and follows the best practice in learning design.

We are also experts with years of experience using all the other widely used authoring tools, like Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate and many others. We are known for making the most of the tools we are using to ensure the learners engage with the course in the best possible way. Whatever your requirements or needs, we can find a way of making it work. We don't see tools, we see solutions.

Authoring tool resources

Interactive video

We know an effective video is worth many thousands of words. It can also be an incredibly effective interactive learning tool. Scenarios, simulations and role play opportunities give the learner a chance to test out their skills and make mistakes in a safe environment.

These video environments are immersive and engaging which means that learners enjoy the journey of acquiring important skills which can be immediately put to use in real life. Our team knows how to create the most relevant scenarios, gripping role play activities and accurate simulations for your learners.

Interactive video resources