LSG Webinar–Empowering self-directed learners: Practical strategies and tools for L&D

10.00 - 11.00am
LSG Webinar
Caroline Freeman, Director of Design
Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash
The shift to a more learner-guided L&D culture is an inevitable impact of the digital transformation process. So how is it done?

In her recent webinar for the LSG, Brightwave's Caroline Freeman discussed a range of self-directed learning strategies, sharing examples and experiences from a number of practical projects. Caroline explored the surprising and effective ways today's new generation learning tools can put the learner firmly in control, in a typically lively and interactive session.

See below for Caroline's slides and visual aids from the session, and click here to hear it in full.


To keep the conversation going we have set up a virtual community of practice to run until January 31st and Learning Technologies 2018 in London.

There are learning resources and assets in the community space, laying out the history and theory of self-directed learning and offering examples of self-directed learning in practice – as well as a place to interact and ask questions from the rest of the group.

To connect with the community and join your peers to talk about moving to a self-directed learning model, just email with 'SDL' in the subject line to receive your login instructions... And join the conversation!

If you would like to talk to Caroline or another of our in-house experts about moving to a more learner-centric model for your organisation – just get in touch!