Bring your learning to life: Animation in digital learning

Animation gives you endless options for engaging and entertaining your learners. Here are just a few of them...

For those of you who like to read rather than watch, check out the video transcript below... 

3D modelling
3D animation like this can create fully realistic interactive models. It brings real world objects to life and lets the learner explore them at will.

Animated infographics take the learner through complicated concepts in easily understandable sequences.

Cartoon reality
Animated characters and situations can be used to enhance documentary sequences and even personal audio stories.

Narrative process
Animations can tell a story simply and effectively, and give shape to abstract concepts.

Whiteboard style animations show you the big picture by explaining processes and procedures right before your eyes.

Motion typography
Motion typography can deliver rich, engaging text without voiceover, and bring your messaging to life.

Live action combo
Finally, we can enhance the impact of live action video with motion-pinned text and graphics, or integrate animation into real-world environments.

Here at Brightwave we're experts in using the right style of animations to tell your stories. If you want to bring your digital learning to life, get in touch with us.