tessello is Brightwave's multi-award winning collaborative learning platform that helps you identify and unlock expertise, empower your employees, and drive on the job performance.

It's fun to use and turns your individual colleagues into an army of active, self-developing learners focused on meeting the toughest challenges of your business.

tessello makes the digital transformation or learning easy. Its unique features and next gen learning technologies are the perfect catalysts to improve productivity, boost employee engagement and feed continuous performance support at every level of the organisation.

tessello Go

Need a rapid, simple or interim learning management solution but don’t want to compromise on quality or a great learner experience? Take a look at tessello Go:

tessello Go is the latest addition to the tessello family of SaaS platforms from Brightwave Group. This award-winning brand, synonymous with beautiful and effective learning platforms, focuses on a user-centric design philosophy that meets today’s learner expectations.

Your own branded platform can be deployed with active learners within two weeks of purchase. Ideal for pre-induction, onboarding and teams without LMS access, cut through the complexity and get your learners completing required training fast and effectively a quick to deploy, cost-effective and user-friendly way to launch and track your digital learning content.

Robust, secure and scalable, tessello Go can work at enterprise level or for a discreet group of learners from as little as £5,000. Our flexible pricing enables you to grow and scale up your learning requirements easily and seamlessly. Enterprise options such as Single-Sign-On, data feed integrations are also available.





Collaborative learning

Today's most successful organisations have a special trick for getting the most out of their talent: collaboration. From innovation to agility and customer success, getting distant individuals working together across internal boundaries is essential for success. Collaboration has an accelerator effect that is essential to keeping a competitive edge in fast-moving business environments where knowledge, information and the ability to move quickly in response to new data.

Profits and productivity are damaged by the skills gaps created in our rapidly transitioning economy and its new ways of working. tessello's collaboration tools let you connect skills, knowledge and expertise from across all sides of the business, bringing the right information to bear on the right problem when you need it most.

Structured learning pathways

tessello seamlessly blends e-Learning content and resources with community-derived and user-generated informal learning material, managed and underpinned by personalised learning pathways, combining face-to-face sessions, online materials and follow-up assignments.

The pathways track the learner's progress against their agreed development goals and feeds them new resources, information and paths of discovery, building team and individual capability against skills frameworks and the needs of the organisation.

Learning diagnostics and analytics

tessello's adaptive learning engine assesses individual skills, delivering personalised learning content that reflects what individuals actually need to know, saving time, increasing engagement and raising capability. tessello's analytic features make sure that key skills are always kept up to date and simultaneously aligned with the priorities of your learners and your organisation.

tessello's diagnostic tool upskills all staff to the same level of attainment and capability, and is an ongoing audit of all the skills and knowledge in an organisation, keeping them fresh and relevant in the face of changing practices and priorities.

The information and context our diagnostic and analytics gives your superstars a space to excel: meeting targets – and beating targets. 

Community management

Learning together through tessello is just the beginning. tessello is also a culture tool which can rewire the way your organisation works and learns - together. If your business is still stuck in obsolete hierarchies and silos, tessello can break those barriers down and connect your people to the organisation with all the tools and networks to work as a community towards your shared essential goals.

Restructuring vital business functions as productive networks and sharing key information through your learning community doesn’t take place overnight. Changing the way you work is a challenge that needs expert assistance to establish and optimise the benefits of your tessello platform.

We can help you design and embed your learning communities and leverage them for your preferred outcomes, with all the support and assistance you need from our dedicated community management consultant.

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