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The boundaries between work and play are blurring. Through the phones in our pockets we can instantly connect to limitless information, and we never switch off.

The organisations of the future know this is how people learn today. They encourage individuals to own their learning, to find and use knowledge in ways that suit them best. We help you understand how new technologies can do unexpected things – things we couldn't even have imagined before – to help your people learn smarter.

The learning journey begins…

Before it even starts! Your new recruit wants to know about their new job before they begin. With onboarding portals and campaigns we help you get the most from that crucial time between job offer and day one, when your new talent is preparing to make the transition from one working culture to another.


Brightwave onboarding portals and campaigns help the next generation learning journey

Get your people fired up

Engagement and enthusiasm brings out their best. Remember that the medium is as important as the message, and help your people explore through video, social media and games. Use learning technologies to enhance employee engagement and spark some passion.

Make a virtue of necessity.

Compliance training doesn't have to be dreary. It's not just about making sure everyone is up to date and knows the same thing. It's also about influencing behaviour to add real value to your organisation, and changing normal practice to best practice. It's like eating: it has to be done, but there's so much more to it than staying alive. We add flavour to compliance training and get your people really thinking.


Influencing behaviour - we add spice to compliance training

How do you do your job?

What are the essentials, the things we have to know how to do? Things like grasping the in-house IT systems. Following procedures and processes. Absorbing new product knowledge – for sales or customer support. Whatever they are, the essentials have to be mastered quickly. ASAP. Like yesterday. We help your people get up to speed....Pronto!

Range of popular beverage products - getting on top of new product knowledge

Fosters - sales and customer support

Family of users viewing media on multiple platforms within a home environment

How to do your job BETTER

In the knowledge economy jobs are so much more than routine tasks. We all need to think on our feet, solving problems as they come and go. We need to make sure great new ideas are captured and harnessed before they disappear again, and that everyone has access to their nearest subject matter expert. Some can be packaged and taught via e-learning. But more exciting still is the wealth of knowledge and expertise that can be gained from colleagues using collaborative and social media.


Not learning but doing…

Performance support – you know those occasions when you have exactly the right tools for exactly the right job at exactly the right time, and it all just feels good? This is about that exact moment, and making it available all the time, on demand.

It's about realising there's no sense reading the whole handbook just in case, but making sure you always have the best tools for the job – just in time. The next generation learning organisation provides these tools because you know that technology affords your learners instant access to infinite knowledge. Enabling them to do their job – better.

Tracking connections between online profiles on different sites is simple

Your clients are likely to research you and your business

Onwards and upwards…

helping your people plan their own route to success


Career development
can mean the familiar route via leadership and management skills. For others, it's about becoming a subject expert. To really unlock the potential of your people they need to take ownership of their own personal route to success. Our solutions connect them with coaches, peers and experts in the organisation and beyond, empowering them to control their own development. Nobody learns effectively when the answers are served up to them on a plate – get more from your people by encouraging them to think for themselves. 

Don't let the battery go flat…

We all use digital media constantly, in every aspect of our lives – from a desktop PC to the latest wearable tech. The tools we use need to be able to follow us seamlessly, from device to device. We might choose to work through structured, formal content on a large screen but catch up on a smartphone later. It’s all learning. And learners are far more sophisticated technologists than we often give them credit for. We help people learn in the ways that already suit them best. Because the happier we are, the smarter we learn.

User interacting with ipad - helping your users connect in the ways that suit them best

Transport for London quote - Whenever I'm done using my PDA or mobile, I lock it. Even if I'm going to use it again in five minutes.

User displaying their emails on their smart watch