We lead.

If you think Brightwave are providers of e-learning you're right.

But we're so much more than that.

Less is more.

Time is precious. The most powerful messages are short. In a world of infinite information and diminishing attention spans, clarity and precision are essential. At Brightwave we work with you to understand your learning aims as quickly as possible. This means aligning ourselves with your needs and applying the smartest design skills and latest technologies to reach your ideal solution.


We  video. 

“The information retained in one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million written words.”

(Source: Brainshark).

Your learners are primed to absorb and retain information through the medium of film, and the obstacles that used to prevent video from being a viable learning solution are fast disappearing. Our expertly designed, scripted and produced videos capture the imagination and engage the mind. Your learners will want to watch them again and again, wherever they are. And thanks to mobile technology they can!



People discover 90% of the vital skills and knowledge for their jobs by working and learning from their colleagues. We can now capture these everyday learning experiences and turn informal learning into a powerful learning tool for individuals and an organisational asset. We can use this currency for recognition in our careers, academic education and recreational learning. We've developed a system that combines informal and social learning with expert content curation to help people learn quickly, collaboratively and continuously. We call it tessello.


Pocketsize learning.

There's much more to mobile learning than re-packaging content for a smaller screen. On average we check our smartphones 110 times a day* and use our phones very differently from the way we use our desk or laptop. Our designs use location, camera, gyroscope, screen swiping and other emerging smarts to deliver seamless interactions. If we weren't taking mobile learning seriously and exploring its full potential, we wouldn't be doing our job properly: creating the most effective learning that technology allows.

*Source: Android app Locket


Fun and games.

We recognise the power of entertainment for learning: immersive storylines, engaging interaction, compelling competition and fun. The aim is to stimulate, challenge and engross your learners in ways that presenting flat, 'click-next' content simply can't.


Horses for courses?

Everyone learns in different ways, for different reasons. Our expert designers and technologists help people learn better, faster and smarter. Situation is key to solution. But it’s not a pick-and-mix approach. We work out what works best for you, taking a broad view of the entire project, while keeping a close eye on the details.

If you come to Brightwave looking for us to develop X hours of e-learning, let's talk. But when we say 'talk', we mean 'really understanding what you need' – and be prepared for us to respond with something you maybe weren't expecting.


Let's talk. But when we say 'talk' we mean really understanding what you need