We have new expectations of learning systems.

Nowadays, we use digital services all day, every day. But these services, from Amazon to Netflix to Facebook, don’t feel like services.

They just feel like part of our lives.

They’re effortlessly intuitive. They’re thoroughly personalised. They’re inherently social. They continually adapt to who we are, where we are and what we want.

So when we come across Learning Management Systems (LMS), we expect nothing less.

We expect them to be intuitive. Personalised. Social. Adaptive.

Simply part of our lives.

We’re in a golden age of LMSs

LMS have never had it so good.

Learning Systems have been around for a long time, but for decades they were used as basic compliance tools for big businesses – the poor cousins to expensive classroom training.

But in recent years their sophistication has skyrocketed. Their underlying technology has dramatically improved, they’re deeply embedded within organisations, and they’re better leveraged to get the best outcomes.

Blended programmes, multiple learning approaches, 24 hour access, seamless integration with other systems and user notifications have all become standard.

They’ve proved their worth, and even small companies are using them to drive impressive results.

We respond to pull, not push.

One of the biggest advances in LMS has been the advent of personalisation.

We now have an expectation that the learning we need to do will be very specific to us.

This means self-directed learning: accessing this skill, now, here, because it’s needed in this moment, rather than plodding through courses on a schedule out of our control.

This means getting recommendations on what and how we should learn next, based on data on the pattern and rate of our progress.

This means learning systems that don’t just adapt to what we’re doing, but anticipate what we need.

We believe that technology solves nothing.

Brightwave might be underpinned by cutting-edge technology, but we’re not a technology company.

We’re a learning company.

Sure, we develop software, but our software exists for one purpose and one purpose alone: to develop people.

We are passionate learners, and our mission is to create a platform that genuinely helps others learn. That’s a complex, subtle process, and it requires systems to match.

But it also requires people. One thing that distinguishes us from other LMS is our support team. They’re true experts in areas such as launch planning and community engagement, and they achieve insanely high customer satisfaction rates.

Frankly, if we’re doing our job right, you should barely notice the tech.

We leverage tacit knowledge

They say that necessity is the mother of an invention, and in the case of tessello, that’s certainly been the case.

When we first developed tessello, we were competing against a lot of huge established LMS. We knew that we needed to move fast, iterate faster, and leverage all the tacit knowledge that already existed within our clients, rather than reinventing it from scratch.

So we made our users the stars of their own learning, creating a platform where they could upload their own specific skills, and become on-the-job experts for their colleagues.

Of course, we also added in all the standard knowledge and tests that various jobs and regulations require. But that layer of unique, specific, usergenerated expertise, developed and refined within each company over countless years?

That’s where the learning magic really lies.

We help create a climate, not a storm

Full disclosure: we expect our clients to do some work.

When we collaborate with an organisation, we help them to create a climate that allows us to measure the effectiveness of the learning that’s happening through the platform.

In other words, we don’t just collaborate with out clients to manage learning. We help them manage that learning’s impact.

This means identifying the responsibilities that users’ peers and line managers have to coach, embed and track their learning, to make sure that:

  • the learning has happened;
  • the learning has been applied; and
  • the learning has been evidenced.

We don’t just give you a platform and say go figure. Technology achieves nothing without people. We invest time in helping our clients understand how to make the platform work, by adjusting their behaviours and mindsets to support the learning process.

The learning consultancy model

As we’ve seen, tech is only as good as the understanding that drives it, so tessello comes wrapped in a layer of consultancy to help you get the most out of the platform.

This begins with a discussion with about the business problems you want to solve, because learning has to be geared towards achieving wider company results.

Then we support your team to set up and launch the platform, monitor and tackle any problems, track user experiences, and engage together in the whole experience.

Everyone hates big LMS because they are hard to use and difficult to change, so we designed tessello to be lean and agile. It’s totally customisable and quick to implement. You’ll be up and running within a month.

And we’ll be by your side at every step.

The best bits

Here are just a few of the features that make tessello a unique learning platform.

  • Learner-led design. We’ve take the perspective of the learner, not the client. Every element is rigorously user-tested and tweaked to answer real needs in the best way.
  • Continuous development. We are committed to constantly learning and improving the platform, ensuring that our clients have the most up-to-date system and approach.
  • Integrated communities. We build elements of social reinforcement and support into the learning experience, so it’s as fun and sticky as possible.
  • Coaching areas. In these spaces a coach, buddy or line manager can chat directly to a user, as well as mark and reupload work to provide evidence of learning progress.
  • Personalised content. Every level of the learning journey gives options to restrict or direct content depending on what is relevant for specific departments, job types and communities.
  • Gamification. We use tactics and tools from the wider tech industry to make learning compelling, addictive and fresh.

How we report

As people use tessello, we gather acres of data on how they interact with the platform, the content and each other.

This means you’ll get detailed information on all the obvious stuff: what’s happening on the system, who has completed what, levels of compliance, and so on. But we also add on a layer of insight, where we examine, interpret and explore the data, making sense of what it actually means.

And finally we provide some foresight, telling you what to do to improve your platform. This isn’t just advice reflecting on what’s already going wrong or right. It’s pre-emptive, linking platform behaviours into the changing learning landscape, and flagging up potential stumbling blocks down the line.

Just like the platform itself, we want to anticipate what you need, not just reflect it.

The beginning

We understand that when you launch a new system within your organisation, it’s just the beginning of the story.

LMS require support in not only implementation, but also launch, communications, and on-going roll out. This doesn’t just apply in terms of technology and training, but also in terms of hitting your business objectives and goals.

Our clients put their trust in us every time we start an implementation. This is why we approach every single one as a new partnership, and that’s why (we think) that 75% of our business comes from glowing recommendations from existing clients.

And that, really, is what makes the whole business worthwhile.

Our 5 Step Customer Success Plan

Technology by itself – no matter how brilliant – will simply be technology.

That’s where our 5 Step Customer Success Plan sets us apart. The plan will configure and sustain your tessello, taking it beyond the tech to build a successful learning community with valuable impact and ROI:

  • Configuration Consultancy: Let’s clarify the user incentives and the key business metrics.
  • Success Benchmarking: Let’s map your progress towards success.
  • Content Discovery: Let’s make the most of your existing content and identify gaps.
  • Engagement Toolkits: Let’s secure learner engagement by providing practical advice and best practice on launch, community management and promotion.
  • Ongoing Health-checks: Let’s not stop there! Our Customer Success and support team are with you throughout the lifetime of your system.

Plugs into your Learning Ecosystem

tessello is built to support highly engaging, digital learning experiences and as a best of breed, learning delivery system, it can peacefully coexist with traditional learning management systems in the global enterprise environment.

Introducing the next generation of learning platform

The traditional LMS has earned a reputation for bloated features, poor usability, bad customer experience and expensive per-user licensing, often performing numerous business functions across learning, human resources and finance.

tessello offers a collaborative, digital learning experience that is worlds apart from what these traditional, enterprise LMS vendors tend to offer. tessello is one of a new breed of learning platform that focuses purely on the learning experience.

We put the learner at the heart of everything we do, and our system is all about providing the best possible learning experience.

The biggest brands learn with Brightwave.